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As vaping becomes more and more popular, we’ll see different enticing marketing strategies to make the pool of vapers out there want to buy a specific brand of ejuice.  Something I’ve seen recently that really bothered me is organic and natural ejuices being advertised online and in stores. I know in the recent decade, organic foods have been sought after by people for their health benefits and they come with an immensely higher price tag as well. Although organic fruits and vegetables can be easily purchased, a true organic e-juice can be a little harder to find.

For something to be considered organic, it cannot use chemical pesticides as well as be approved by the USDA organic standards. Before a restaurant or grocery store can even advertise organic produce being sold, the store needs to be certified by the USDA National Organic Program. Needless to say, most of these ejuice vendors do not meet these standards. However, let’s break down the e-juice being sold so we can clarify how to actually determine if an e-juice is organic.

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