STEP 7 Remove one screw securing the keyboard. You can download the sound driver from the Realtek website or you could choose the driver from the Toshiba Australian driver page. When i checked in the device manager under Sound,game and controller I am getting Realtek High definition audio driver with exclamation sign. Start laptop disassembly with removing the battery. In the system tray the volume icon button is marked with X and when I mused over it syas that ” No audio output device is installed. On this model the keyboard bezel is located under the keyboard. The new driver on the Toshiba website should work fine.

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To join toshiba m600 discussion, please login or register. The keyboard is hold in place by four plastic latches on both sides.

STEP 9 Access the keyboard cable connecotr underneath. Please guide me to resolve this problem.

Remove the hard drive. Welcome to toshiba m600 Toshiba Support Forum, created for customers and enthusiasts to share knowledge, solve problems and discuss technology.

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Access the keyboard cable connecotr underneath. The time toshiba m600 is Pick up up your com and shake it violently for a few seconds. Do likewise if your running on AC initially, but instead this time, shut toshiba m600 your com and slot the battery in and on it again. On this model the keyboard bezel is located under toshiba m600 keyboard.


I’ve been having the same problems for the past m6600 and a half years or so and i still haven’t managed to solve the toshiga. What i can tell you is that re-installing the bios and drivers will not work.

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I’ve called Toshiba twice and they’re not very helpful either. Beyond that there’s not much help that they toshiba m600 provide. If it still doesn’t work, shut down the com.

At least that’s my experience. STEP 6 On this model the keyboard bezel is located under the keyboard.

STEP 5 Remove two screws securing the keyboard bezel. After that, on your com and when the toshiba toshiba m600 pops up, press F2 to enter Bios. STEP 10 Now you can remove toshiba m600 replace the keyboard.

This laptop is very similar to Toshiba Satellite U Look for updated drivers on the Toshiba Website.

My M sounds works perfectly, even after rebooting the system. The com will auto restart. STEP 7 Remove one screw securing the toshiba m600. Slide the hard drive to the right and disconnect it from the motherboard.


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When Toshiba m600 tried to update the driver it shows that “This device cannot start. I’m never going to buy toshiba again. Try not to drop the com when you’re shaking it. Remove six screws and then remove both the memory and the hard toshiba m600 covers.

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Push toshiba m600 DVD drive away from the laptop with a flathead screwdriver. I tried toshiba m600 the option like uninstall the sound driver and reinstall it. Hi You have to reinstall the Realtek HD sound driver. The new driver on the Toshiba website should work fine.