Teeth Whitening Cost Birmingham

We are commonly asked about tooth whitening – in the Age of the Selfie, your smile is one of the brightest things you can see!

Tooth Whitening at Elation Dental is carried out by qualified Dentists. We need to assess your teeth first to make sure there are no cavities or holes. If you have any cavities, they should be fixed before any tooth whitening – otherwise you risk getting sensitive teeth!

If you’re suitable to have your teeth whitened, we’ll first take a photo of your teeth to record your original (starting) tooth colour. We’ll then take custom made moulds of your teeth and gums. The next step is to make customised, unique bleaching trays that will fit your teeth snugly. Finally, we’ll provide you with 6 grams of Pola Bleach – made locally in Australia with proper quality control.

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Tooth Whitening (Bleaching) Special – Now $299 (Reduced from $595!)

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