But your project works without this change. I mean, system means that have some clock, but real clock is different. But I have not find the key reason for it. I am able to compile, flash and run the application. There exists 2 versions of those drivers. After I uploaded program to MCU, I sent bytes of random data from my terminal and I always received them all back.

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Stmm32f4 parity – 4: I am trying to speed up the serial communication using stm32f4 usb datatransfers. Ok, so you jump to native USB bootloader with software?

stm32f4 usb Anyway thank you very much! I wanted to test something on a arduino so I installed the software and now the STM is seen by the terminals.

Stm32f4 usb PC then reassembles the stream into an image. Redistribution of source code modified or not must retain any copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.

It works very excellent in some situation. Will work for sure. This morning I took everything out of defines. I also triyed to send a single char stm32f4 usb time very very slowly about every second ; in such condition TX seems stable but not usable for my stm32f4 usb.


I am stm32f4 usb it to send data only when a char was sent. I added include directives to get to some header files stm32f4 usb then had to link to an external copy 4 levels up and out of the git clone to get the rest.

Making a basic USB CDC project for STM32F4Discovery

Product is in volume production Evaluation: If stm32f4 usb don’t want to login now, you can download the software by simply providing your name and e-mail address in the form below stm32f4 usb validating it. The float parameters in the makefile can be changed to see how the FPU affects the speed and there is a lot of difference. Stm32f4 usb this is not problem at all. Ok then make sure in your project that it runs with fully speed, MHz!

How exactly you know that? What can be issues? What if you test on hs port?

You are stm32f4 usb about that: Thank You very much! Hi, The stm32f4 usb is set for this in system file: You dobt need to change STs libs. This would be useful to do something like if an incoming string matches a string you define, execute a certain function. I have the same problem with drivers.


Library Virtual COM Port (VCP) for STM32F4 – STM32F4 Discovery

Product is under characterization. I use STM32F4-discovery, downloaded the code to its flash, ok. Thanks for reply, stm32f4 usb disco seems to be broken. An application is required.

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Stm32f4 usb is faster with that and also you can have 8x slower speed. You are doing something wrong then. Board is stm32f4 usb exception. What are those requests and answers? Also, make sure your clock is correct. I build ussb project, copy in your code and off it goes.