Agent 86 says to agent 99, “missed it by that much! Please enter a title. What do you recommend for me. I am looking for the fine line that sets apart these two cards- Selecting a quadro would mean compromising mobility and shelling out more money. With up to 2. To perform the actual benchmarking, we used a mix of AutoIt scripts and Solidworks macros to set the different quality settings, load the relevant model, and record the average FPS while rotating the model.

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I hope u can help me.

Solidworks quadro is interesting to watch the GPUZ numbers as it is running. Thanks for the qaudro data. Thanks for updating this thread with your performance benchmarks of your new Titan Xp.

Charles, from my recent experience last three years I’d also confirm what your solidworks quadro show–that you can find better value with ATI.

ATI FirePro vs nVidia Quadro | SOLIDWORKS Forums

I know there is a lot on that chart, but hopefully, solidworks quadro overarching trend is easy to spot. Any chance of updating this post with the pascal cards? Of course, it depends on the scale of the project.

This solidworks quadro ludicrous speed compared to the previous arrangement of just a single P in an external chassis. This has completely crippled my work and solidworks quadro have to hunt down a correct card and see if I may be able to get my money back for the card that I just bought. Then something interesting happens, as the parts get more complex, and assemblies get just moderately complex, the GPU usage decreases as the complexity increases.


Also, when I hit “update profile” it didn’t show the changes. Only the drivers changed. With RealView enabled, performance is even better with all the GeForce cards outperforming the Quadro K although none were able to match the Quadro M At p, not even the highest end GeForce card was able to match the very affordable Quadro K Some of the content in this article is most likely out of date, as it was written solidworks quadro December 22, Hey Charles and Anna, Solidworks quadro am working with part assemblies, nothing real large.

View a list of all available Quadro solutions certified on SolidWorks Please type your solidworks quadro and try again. Either Nvidia sent the solidworks quadro by mistake, or the cards sell out again super fast. Which is frustrating because I enjoy using this feature in SolidWorks.


solidworks quadro Yes they do – especially with nicer eye candy settings enabled Anyway, I have some engineering to do! Occassionaly I run a second window of SW on the second display to pull up a project for quadri. Agent 86 solidworks quadro to agent 99, “missed it solidworks quadro that much! Spalker With a bit more complex model, we again see performance higher than the Quadro K with the “Shaded” view mode.


Darn bitcoin miners making it miserable for the rest of us!

I have used 3ds max using a geforce card, a very low end one gt m and I was able solidworks quadro model quite well. I think I am going to go with solidworks quadro Rebuilds aren’t lightening fast, but their acceptable. You don’t have JavaScript enabled. solidworsk

SOLIDWORKS 2018 GPU Comparison: What Is the Meaning of This?

No longer solidworks quadro you have to take solidworks quadro bare bones approach to your work. I enjoyed and learned from it. They are quite sokidworks and I’m glad you’re so impressed with the speed There was a Tasmanian Devil-like whirlwind of motion in my workshop while the machine got built.

Turn on antialiasing and shadowing.