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TIP – Make sure to order 1 size larger than you measure to ensure a good fit.

The majority of well-known course accompanies carry corset sizes for natural waists up to and around 40 inches. If your waist is bigger around than this, you may have some trouble finding the right corset, but that’s where the figure or plus size corsets come in to save the day. Be aware, that some companies will charge a markup for larger sizes, but others will not.

Corsets can help alter your shape, much the same way girdles, and spandex shapewear are designed to be worn under clothing. A traditional corset typically doesn’t offer highly dramatic results. In regular sizing, which is defined as a waist less than 34 inches, you can expect to reduce the waste anywhere between two in 3 inches. With a plus size corset however, you can expect to take up to 6 inches off of your waste. Because there is more room to work with in terms of size reduction without causing damage or major discomfort, plus size corsets often provide better results.

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