Click on the image to learn more. And he took it off my eye piece holder and I think he did the same thing as what you did. If you intend to use the webcam as a guide camera, you may remove the IR-blocking filter to achieve greater sensitivity but take note it will no longer perform well in planetary imaging. Keep it, and the focuser, somewhere safe so that you can use the webcam normally again in future if you wish e. I recommend you become familiar with the operation of the webcam and its software under normal conditions before you start dismantling it, because after removing the original lens you will not be able to focus the image unless you put it into your telescope. A very interesting solution to urban areas is a lighted Mallincam. This camera has high light sensitivity and rapid integration of images so that even in strongly lit areas we can take splendid images of deep sky objects that even in dark areas with a medium-sized telescope could’t discriminate the details.

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A brief overview of Webcams and Astronomy

Philips spc900nc a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment spx900nc Make sure you are aware of where any cables, plugs, adaptors are trailing philips spc900nc you won’t trip up on them in the dark. Pixel Plus for detail, depth and clarity Pixel Plus is a digital picture processing technology that increases the number of lines and the number of pixels.

If like me, you’re using a Dobsonian mount, you will find it’s very easy to lose where the object is particularly with the philips spc900nc azimuth stiction ” problemparticularly for planets which are considerably smaller than philips spc900nc Moon. It only took about two minutes to do it, and it was dark outside too.

This will screw snugly into the webcam body, in place of the original philips spc900nc, and the barrel is the correct diameter to fit into the eyepiece holder of your telescope. I only philips spc900nc one question, should I put an IR blocking filter or not? I phklips a lot from purchasing and using this software and going through the tutorials. Barlows magnify which means things will move across the view faster, and Focal Reducers may shorten the focal length too far, preventing you from obtaining focus.

The front end of the adaptor is philips spc900nc wpc900nc to accept filters.

I was asking, where is your camera relative to your computer? Images [trigger to render Image Gallery].

Precision glass lens guarantees you high image quality for philips spc900nc applications – from snapshot to video messaging. The camera works but with funky colors particularly during the day.

K3CCDTools – This software sc900nc philips spc900nc to take better control over your webcam to capture movie footage or still shots to your computer for later enhancement by Philips spc900ncor another software such as Registax. As mentioned, the Sharp LZn will be slightly noisier than the Sony ICXn sensors, this is more likely to show up in a long exposure frame than in planetary images, and philips spc900nc longer the exposure the more the noise.

I’ve been trying to do this record with a spectroscopic filter spc00nc at home.

But then again simply pulling the plastic stopper works, so I think it is philips spc900nc simpler yet equally valid solution: It would also result to capturing images with reddish hue since IR light registers in camera sensors as deep red philips spc900nc. March 20, at For a webcam to be suitable for astrophotography it needs to be particularly sensitive to light. The trouble with using the standard Logitech webcam controls interface is its window is far too big covers part of the K3CCDTools preview screenand when you are trying to philips spc900nc open up the settings before a planet disappears off the screen, speed is of the essence.

While point 2 can be dealt with using software to create a “dark frame map”, which is then subtracted by post-processing the image, point 1 is absolutely crucial and means that Dobsonian mounted philips spc900nc such as the Orion Skyquest range are simply incapable of taking phioips exposure photosunless the Optical Tube is mounted philips spc900nc an Equatorial tripod, or the Dobsonian is modified to sit on an equatorially tracking platform, or the Altitude and Azimuth axis’ spcc900nc motorised.

Alternative to Philips SPCNC – Imaging – Discussion – Stargazers Lounge

Getting the clips philips spc900nc release is quite hard, so be careful not to break any of the three plastic lugs which clip the focuser into the camera body and hold it in place, so that you can continue to use the webcam for its normal function if you wish. I’m interested in getting web camera for telescope fitting and one guy told me to look on this specific Philips spc900nc model. The supplier soon replaced my order philips spc900nc the correct part.

Posted August 14, Click on the photo to view full philips spc900nc. Just note this at the beginning of your article and let people to try to remove it first by hands.

spc900c When sized down it looks less blurry and gives a perception of it having much better details, I think. The state-of-the-art camera software automatically detects your face and moves the lens to follow you as you move. September 28, spc9900nc 8: NeutronStar on Philips spc900nc 23, Face tracking automatically follows your face The state-of-the-art camera software philips spc900nc detects your face and moves the lens to follow you as you move.

It costs a lot of money philips spc900nc print “Celestron” on a camera case it would appear I can then aim this at the keyboard so it casts a gentle light so I can see which keys I’m hitting.