Open A Restaurant Around Denver

Michael A. Cimino has been a certified Sommelier with the Sommelier Society of America since 1993.  He was sponsored by Iron Chef winner Peter X. Kelly, from the famed Xaviar’s Restaurant Group, where Michael worked for ten years.  In February of 2000 the New York Times hailed Mr. Cimino as a “master of accommodating guests and selecting wines.”  He went on to speak at WOR Radio’s annual Taste of New York alongside celebrity chefs Lydia Bastianich and John Halligan.

The devastating attack on America that toppled the Twin Towers in 2001 motivated Michael to branch out on his own and establish a restaurant consulting company, Cottage Views, and the Cottage Views School of Wine.  As a consultant to several high profile establishments he was awarded the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence and Wine Enthusiasts’ Award of Distinction for his contributions to the wine programs at Glenmere Mansion, The Park Steakhouse, and The Lighthouse on the Hudson.

Wath more videos here: opening a restaurant


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