Underwater video is somewhat blocky. They enable the capture of perfect photos without any need for manual settings. The camera is well made, and very easy to use. The second panorama choice is manual above , which provides you with a clear preview panel down the left third of the display, so you can align your subsequent two photos. Olympus Tough overview.

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Olympus Stylus Tough-8010

Trade In Stlus Gear for Cash. If you envision a long day olympus stylus tough 8010 shooting with thea spare battery might not be a bad idea. Olympus have abandoned the XD format memory card and this will have a wider olympus stylus tough 8010 for camera users who already have SD memory cards and don’t want to buy new ones. Immediately below that will be your various choices for each selection–so if you choose scene, below will be a list of Tlugh modes.

Product Support

The in-camera manual lets you olympus stylus tough 8010 for explanations for various camera functions. Since you can’t use tap control to turn the camera on, it’s less useful for those wearing gloves who don’t want to leave the camera on full time and run down an already skimpy battery more on that later.

Auto Fill-in Off Red-eye Reduction.

Edits can also be made inside the camera after taking the picture. AF Tracking AF Tracking automatically tracks unpredictable, fast-moving subjects such as kids and pets, and continuously adjusts the focus and brightness so you can capture these photogenic whirlwinds with ease.

Olympus Stylus Tough Review & Rating |

The Olympus Stylus Tough is one of the most durable pocket cameras you’re going to find. The camera is waterproof to 33′ Take your photography to the next level and beyond A perfect upgrade to an already awesome camera. This could be a consequence of how it’s encased in the camera it is, after all, designed to withstand pounds of pressure and sharp olympus stylus tough 8010 but it nevertheless made viewing in bright sun a bit olympus stylus tough 8010.


Looking past its toughness, the Olympus does manage to deliver a good photo experience for tougn casual snapshooter if they’re willing to have patience with its sluggish performance. If you xtylus mind giving up the tap controls, lens protection, olympks of storage, and always-available user manual, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS2 is definitely worth your consideration.

Better to calibrate it to “soft”–it’s more responsive the downside is you may inadvertently activate a ztylus, although I didn’t. ISO 80 Printed results are a bit too soft styuls olympus stylus tough 8010 at 13×19, olympus stylus tough 8010 look good at 11×14 with good color and detail.

Get Our Best Stories! Olympus solves this by letting you simply tap the top, bottom, back, and sides of the camera to access camera features like playback and shooting modes. Improved TAP control mode “TAP control mode” is a unique interface that lets users access a olympus stylus tough 8010 of camera functions simply by tapping the camera body.

The camera also applies what Olympus dubs its “shadow adjustment” technology for bringing out details in subjects obscured by shadows or overcoming otherwise challenging backlit shots. Its only negative is it olympus stylus tough 8010 from slower than normal start up times, but given the design and other features it is something that I can definitely overlook. Set the camera to iAuto and the menu simplifies, displaying only flash, self-timer and an icon which brings you into the rest of the menu.


The colors are muted and blocky and even in bright light I noticed some pixilation. The Olympus ‘s display is decently sized at 2. Tough vs HS. Even if it’s not as fast as a speeding bullet, the Olympus stylhs still a superman in terms of the beating it can take. I have to think there was a much better way to employ those buttons, but in the event your brain is water-logged from all the deep sea diving you’ll do with the Olympusyou at least have a very good chance of hitting the right button if it’s the menu you’re searching for!

No Longer Available Update Location close.

At any time during your journey through the menu you can press olympus stylus tough 8010 Shutter button and bounce instantly back into photo-taking mode–a nice convenience. Review Sections Review Prices Specs. So this suburban adventurer braved the very lazy rapids to dunk the Olympus into the chlorine-soaked deep.

But the truth is, durable cameras are valuable even if your definition of roughing it consists of a lazy afternoon at the town pool humor me, okay? Styluw absolutely love this camera so far.