Fourth, faders and knobs are pretty much impossible to assign. The available parameters themselves pop up on the COMPACT’s screen and then you can personalize plug-in controls with its simple click-and-control “learn” function. The Novation MIDI Controller also has separate, assignable pitch and mod wheels to play and a key, 2-octave semi-weighted keyboard featuring aftertouch. While in Automap Universal Mode, the ReMOTE SL’s unique PAC pointer-assigned control technology combined with its speed dial efficiently provide tactile control of any parameter on which the mouse pointer rests with an unlimited number of controls. When used with Reason 3, the true power of Automap becomes clear.

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If you need a crazy programmable controller for the studio this novation remote sl be good though cheaper options are out there. Folk Guitar Buying Guides. This allows you to assign knobs, faders and buttons, by simply clicking on the software parameter, and touching the control! You can control up to 64 different assignable parameters between the eight encoders, eight buttons with LEDs, and eight Group select switches.

User Error is always tuff man. Pros An all-in-one controller solution.


Click here to recover it. Supplied editor is very easy novation remote sl use. The keys respond quickly and are ideal for playing fast, complex riffs.

Please enter the email novation remote sl that you used during registration: They were impossible to assign, and even assigned they were so desensitized that you had to beat the hell out novayion them to get them to respond.


Tech Spec Product Hardware Specifications. I figured it would allow me to use one midi controller and not two. Advanced Print Search View Cart. Unless you need countless sliders live you’re best off buying something for half the price.

The semi-weighted keyboard feels great. Otherwise get something cheaper that has similar features. Accessories For Rejote Percussion.

Things I regret buying: Novation Remote SL midi controller |

Express yourself on our premium semi-weighted Fatar keybed with assignable after-touch. A next-generation MIDI controller that looks great, feels great and works brilliantly.

Email Format html text. LED rings around your encoders tell you the position of your filter cutoff and the back-lit buttons show novation remote sl which tracks are muted.

Get Instant Hands-On Control Every SL MkII has the same huge number of fully assignable controls, all of which novation remote sl automatically to your software with Novation remote sl to give you direct access to everything you could want to control. The same applies for the backlit buttons and transport controls, they make the original SL design even better. The horizontal pitchbend controller automatically returns to the central position when released, but the vertical controller has two modes: Keith Harris, Producer – will.

SL MkII 25 49 It installs a 3rd party application that pops up every time ANY recording software is opened—even when the remote SL is disconnected or turned off. Acoustic Piano, Electric Piano and Organ.


Novation remote sl our web store: Italian made keyboard mechanism plays like a musical instrument rather than a computer accessory Illuminated controls provide instant visual feedback Brightly lit LED rings around the eight smooth encoders, and backlit buttons provide instant visual feedback Giant character LCD screen Femote LCD screen is large enough to remot the name and value of entire rows of knobs, faders or buttons, instantly displaying what each control is assigned to Huge array of touch-sensitive controls Touch any knob or fader and all information name and value of whatever it is controlling will appear on novationn LCD screen above novation remote sl Automap 3 PRO Control Software SL Mk II comes with Automap remore which enables you to instantly map software parameters to faders, buttons, knobs novation remote sl and pots and other controllers.

Guitar Effects Buying Guide. Each page enables the various parts of the interface to control different sets of parameters. Dude you hate the mpc that says it all novation remote sl there! The SL comes inand note flavours, with the number of keys being the only thing that differentiates each model.