At the same time Matrox was conquering the 2D market uncontested companies such as 3Dfx and nVidia were experimenting in unexplored waters with their Voodoo and Riva based 3D solutions. I did run full suite on the slowest board, but there are no surprises. In games, where it’s not crucial Tomb Raider, for example , the picture can be described as curious and overall not bad. The driver has a checkbox for fog table emulation, but it does not change anything visually. TAW, Myth 2, Populous: Matrox’s flagship 2D card evolved into a much more professional and elegant 2D solution, even dipping its dry fingers into the 3D pool with relatively limited 3D support provided for by its successor the Millennium II.

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Matrox Mystique – Vogons Wiki

Conclusion Mystique has its strong matrox mystique weak sides. For the past few years, matrox mystique another well known giant in the 2D video world, Matrox has been fairly productive on the 2D end of things while virtually ignoring the rapidly developing 3D gaming arena.

Views Read Edit View history. Mystique is a nice 2D choice to run alongside 3dfx Voodoo and as a secondary 3D accelerator for wider 3D experience. Drivers in this section are zipped using the -RP option. In games, where it’s not crucial Tomb Raider, for example matrox mystique, the picture can be described as curious and overall not bad.

As for the 2D part, it’s safe matrox mystique say the videocard has no known flaws. The actual hardware was identical. With my Mystique used for testing I could set the matrox mystique timings even at top clocks: For more information on the supported games, see forum thread.


Driver support for the Mystique was matros at launch. Matrox “SE” drivers have a standard interface that doesn’t require. The framerate is not any higher than d3d wrappers anyway. Matrox mystique Millennium these boards matrox mystique friendly pricing and still good GUI performance as one would expect from Matrox.

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. TAW, Myth 2, Populous: This made the Mystique equivalent to the original Maatrox for high-resolution 2D resolution support. In cases where matrox mystique with OS” is stated, the operating matrox mystique will install a Matrox driver that will give you basic 2D and 3D functionality, where this driver is supported by Microsoft.

Mystique was oriented on mid-end consumer and business market, offering excellent 2D performance, traditional for Matrox.

Matrox Mystique

In the late Matrox released Impression Plus board, able to theoretically render k Gouraud shaded polygons per second. Mystique has DAC matrox mystique to the core and matrox mystique synchronous memory interface to reduce board complexity and costs much below expensive Millennium.

Otherwise, the card was identical in feature-set mattox the original Mystique and offered almost identical performance. That matox said, let’s see how well Matrox measures up to the high expectations of the maturing market around them as AnandTech takes a closer look at the newly released Matrox Mystique G AGP Graphics Accelerator.

Matrox Mystique

In more generic terms the DPU is a bare pixel pipeline. The Reality The Matrox G series of graphics accelerators, the reality behind the matrox mystique Matrox put all of matox efforts matrox mystique these past few months to make possible. In the beginning of the nineties the mission was to bring workstation class performance to a PC. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.


Its 2D support rivaled the best cards available for performance and quality, however. A special business-oriented version of Matrox mystiquecalled Mystique Businesswas launched as well.

Detractors, however, referred to the card as the “Matrox Mystake”. There matrox mystique no low resolution tests because they are not accepted by my display, what modes is the Mystique trying to set? Indeed, if one learns to deal without alpha-blending and proper environment mapping, Mystique brings its matrox mystique a nice crisp image with bright colors.

Drivers for older/legacy Matrox products

This card came with a different software bundle targeting business users and excluding the games. Matrox integrated the 3d engine of Impression to the Millennium, but 2d backward compatibility was gone. Mystique’s image quality matrox mystique quickly inadequate matrox mystique perhaps from there comes the bad nick “Matrox Mistake”. Lack of bilinear filtering does not hurt this game much.