Thanks for your patience! Dat is goed te zien in delen van deze video , waarbij de straight steer module nog ontbrak. In other words, the robot is perfecty vertical so the gyroAngle is zero, the robot is not falling forwards or backwards, the robot is not moving and it is exactly in the desired position. Try deleting all programs related to this project and try opening the rbtx again. Balancing for the first time Skipping Calibration Moving, using other sensors, and avoiding objects 0.

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Lego Mindstorms NXT Segway

This term is used to help get the robot going as well as to mindstorma it down whenever the motorControlDrive term changes. Well if the robot is perfectly upright and not falling but the robot is degrees further forward then desired, in that case motorPos will be Start up dark blue: My robot keep balance long time. In the worst case, a sensor mounted on a falling robot will essentially be falling due to gravity.

Hi Chuck, Yes, they are broken blocks.

There was another person asking about Android wireless control this can be found here. Can you point me in the right direction?


What was your average Gyro value? October 3, at I have been trying but no success so far. I also extracted the files in the sample programs folder, and opened the program with the myblocks, like the instuctions, yet then NXT-G says: I do Robotics at my school Im sure this will certently help students still learning.

To keep it up, the pivot point has to move to catch it when it begins to fall. Integration If you are a young robot builder, you have probably never heard of integration. If you attempt to just drive backwards back to the zero position, then the robot would actually fall forwards.

NXT Segway with Rider

Laurens, Bedankt voor je duidelijke antwoord. Prior to the Segway Personal Transporterit was more commonly known as the inverted pendulum problem.

When you start driving the robot, this term will cause the robot to first drive backwards a little to quickly get going, then when you stop it will give the robot a little extra boost to help it lean back to slow down. All example programs have the same basic structure consisting of three components: Now pressing the gray Left and Right arrow buttons on the remote control NXT will cause the rider to lean slightly in that direction.


So what about the two motor terms? First download and open AnywayHT.

If the robot was leaning forward, then the sensors would be closer to the floor so the RCX could tell that it was leaning forward. Can you help me with a LabView version of the HTway? I suggest that you do some simple mndstorms to determine the center of mass. July 2, at 2: I suggest that you take the NXC version that is also available from this blog post and convert it to RobotC. That value is unique to my sensor. Please see the usage policy. At the end of the long beep, let go.

Tutorial: NXT Segway with NXT-G

Things have been pretty busy lately. Hi, I also try to build a self-balacing robot like the HTWay.

The average reported by the Calibrate block is negative? Hi, I wanted to add a braitenberg vehicle 2b type program in parallel with the segway program using HiTechnic sensor and the avoidance program.