LCD Smartie is a relatively mature software and development of the main executable has slowed down considerably, most of the new features are introduced by new plugins which are released by both the core team and by the community. Displays the day as a full name Sunday-Saturday using the strings given by the LongDayNames global variable. When you call the dll you call it with 2 parameters. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Display stats from ATITool. Display spectrum analyzer graphs!

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Pin 1 is indicated on the connector layout diagram above. LCD Smartie is now open-source!

USB and serial LCD backpack setup for LCD Smartie

Also added a new pic. Windows Media Player by Jumpin’ Jon: Hold n Scroll by Limbo: The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia’s notability guidelines for products and services. You can download this release. Smatie was because they were very slow you have to send and receive data very often.


Free software Liquid crystal displays Pascal software Windows software stubs. New official release coming soon!

USB and serial LCD backpack setup for LCD Smartie – DP

This command displays a line from an already created using the function above graph object. They need to return a String and take two Strings as parameters. Wan IP by vcorp: The following styles are defined: The bignum, perf and menu plugins have been re-released as betas; this was due to the low or zero bug counts.

P the standard demo. Download Perf Plugin v1. Word Time by Rafael: Also Servowire continued making gSmartie smsrtie for linux. Big Num plugin alpha 1 available for download. The expected function prototypes are: This is not only because i just don’t have time for it anymore, but also because the code is really a mess. Meedio by Harald Wagner. It changes between two values in a given time function id.

If you have problems using the plugins please read this thread.

It is build with 10 functions. Now all we need are some Delphi programmers to create the next release of this great program! Scrolls the lines from the bottom to upper line of your display.


I got help from an employee from Matrix Orbital who is going to help me with this. In the first case, your program will propperly hang, and has to smartoe killed.

It has changed because in the last version of LCD Smartie 5. Right to left and vise versa.

Displays a picture bmp, jpg, gif or animated gif to your display! He hopes to make a lot of plugins for LCD Smartie. Get the temps shown by samrtie drivers on the properties tab. If you want to be informed when a new release of LCD Smartie is available then please subscribe to the lcdsmartie-releases mailing list: