Works with Fire St However, with all electronic devices, they can break down. Here is the board with missing pin thanks. The nylon Braided is wound tightly around the cord lending it superior durability and adding a bit to its flexibility. The USB port is secure on the board but it will not charge even after a new battery was installed. Powers up your Amazon Kindle. Placing them in a small cup will prevent losing them.

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If the USB port is still partially or fully attached, heat up the points with the kindle fire usb iron and vacuum the solder away with the soldering vacuum until the part is fully detached. When it is melted use the solder vacuum to suck up the excess solder. If you are having trouble getting the pry tool into the crack you can use something sharp kindle fire usb a knife or a small flat head screw driver to get started.

Kindle Fire: Enable USB Debugging

If the “adaptive fast charging” kindle fire usb adapter is not used th Remove the six screws holding the motherboard in place with the Philips screw driver. Lift up the light sensor connector and pull the ribbon out. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. These connectors are small so it may be easier to use the pry tool to lift up the connector and cables. The soldering iron gets very hot so be careful not burn yourself or touch kindle fire usb to areas on the motherboard you are not going to be soldering that it can damage.


Gently remove the speaker cable from the connection. Line up the two halves of the case.

How to Repair the USB Port on an Amazon Kindle Fire

Actual product may vary. Make sure that the new solder does not connect any kindle fire usb the points together or else the motherboard might short circuit kindle fire usb cause damage.

The materials I used: The usb port on my Fire has been on its way out for a while now and will need replacing one day. Should I purchase a new USB port, assuming it is the problem?

Picture for reference only.

Starting at the top of the Kindle fire usb between the speakers, wedge the plastic pry tool into the crack between the two halves. You get three 3 10ft cables for one low price! Placing them in a small cup will prevent losing them. However be careful not to damage the plastic case.

Amazon Kindle Fire 5ft USB to Micro-USB Cable

Make sure that the five pins are pushed down and touch the board before soldering them down. Robust, fully moulded connectors at both ends for extra durability.


The plastic tabs connecting the two halves together are brittle and can break kindle fire usb too much force is applied so be gentle. This step ueb really tricky since the pins are very small. This page was last updated: Place solder on the iron and heat up kindle fire usb post until the solder attaches to the posts. These instructions will help fix this small problem. Also shop in Also shop in.

Lift up the tape covering the speaker cable. WiFi Controlled Camera Slider. The wires are fragile so make sure you gently pull the ribbons and cables out to prevent breaking them. kindle fire usb

The nylon Braided is wound tightly around the cord lending it superior durability and adding a bit to its flexibility. If the USB port has come off completely make sure all of the kindle fire usb points are cleaned. Can be used with most Micro USB devices too.

Make sure to use just a small amount of solder and make sure the solder does not bridge any of the points together.