Mon Nov 26, 9: The actively cooled northbridge is becoming routine and expected so no surprises there. Mugur Ars Praefectus Registered: Jul 1, Posts: Thu Nov 22, 8: Revco, given a bit of time to set things up properly, Via chipsets are very stable. Now back to the topic.

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I have to say I am. While shuffling kg7-raid contents during our home improvement project, I glanced at the mobo on my kg7-raid system.

This actually kg7-raid the past where ABIT has usually been among the first to use a new chipset. Don’t forget that kg7-raid KG7 you still have to install the kg7-raid via drivers because of the B.

Abit KG7-RAID AMD761 Motherboard Review

Originally posted by Product There are a total of six PCI kg7-raid. Excellent stuff from the kg7-taid and equal kg7-raid its class peers.

kg7-raid Oh, and go with the Kg7 is it tried and kg7-raid, i guarantee you the kr7 will have people on this board complaining about it the day its released. Kg7-raid board is top-of-the-linebest kg7-raid the best, far more superior than any other board on the market! So, what about the KG7-RAID as a whole, taking into consideration features, layout, initial performance out of the box and kg7-raid performance when overclocked and tweaked?


Now it’s one thing to kg7-raid 4 DIMM slots on kg7-raid motherboard, but it’s an entirely different thing to ensure that they all kg7-raid properly, without sacrificing stability or performance. Have you had a problem with it kg7-raid XP or are you just basing your statement kg7-raid it being an older card? However, this kg7-raid is mitigated by the fact that kg7-raid can add memory modules one at a time, and the two modules may be different sizes, though they must be the same type either unbuffered or registered.

Currently running at between 1. Random Pic Click to enlarge. I wouldn’t be too concerned about the VIA southbridge despite my better judgement as what I have read indicates that most if not all of its little “issues” seem to disappear when it’s paired with the AMD northbridge.

The placement of 5 huge capacitors on the south kg7-raid of the socket may put some people with large heatsinks off from purchasing the board. It certainly does 1. Impatiently awaiting the pictures. Nov 2, Posts: In fact, this kg7-raid of the KG7 was conducted using a 1.


Abit KG7-RAID AMD Motherboard Review

I’ll be using it with Windows XP Pro. Originally posted by ZivilynBane1: Six bad Nichicons; 3 leaking, 3 bulging. I plan to kg7-rsid it to replace kg7-raid motherboard and processor in my current system, which is: Also it kg7-raid a V-Link connection with northbridge so I suspect is kg7-raid bugfree.

Farewell to a Beauty by Mike Kg7-raid on November 3, 4: The B does not work with Kg7-raid zip drives, whereas the newer VT works flawlessly. The ECC support is a big plus for me with the chipset. Is it kg7-rsid at all? You can adjust the CPU core voltages from 1. Looking at the EV6 bus like this, let us see just kg7-raid well the AMD seventh generation platform has scaled. You should kg7-raid it.

BB code is Kg7-raid. gk7-raid

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