While the engineer was there we did a few test cuts with the offset at different settings so that I could recognise when it is set incorrectly. Machinery including vinyl cutters, heat presses, printers, laminators , etc. One weekend when I was happily cutting away on a job to be completed by that Monday, the Cutting Master 2 plugin just stopped working suddenly, for no apparent reason. Lift-gate – Additional flat fee will be charged for lift-gate as follows: Handy accessory storage space A storage space is provided for small, frequently-used items such as cutter plungers and cutting blades. The ARMS automatic registration mark sensing function detects printing positions for high-precision cutting.

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The ability to control various plotter settings from a PC dramatically improves work and operating efficiency.

Graphtec CE5000

When placing an international order, make sure you follow the following policy otherwise your order will not be attended to or shipped. International Orders – Read New Policy.

Any item determined by USCutter to require special delivery attention for any reason. I was pleasantly surprised to see 600 this worked straight away with no problems. This significantly reduces work times and increases productivity. Subsequent registration marks are automatically redetected even if sensing errors occur, simplifying the process of registration mark sensing.

CE series:Imaging products:Graphtec Corporation

Create and edit graphics and text for simple film cutting. A storage space is provided for small, frequently-used items such as cutter plungers and cutting blades.

It is very cheap, quick and simple for anyone to get started in signmaking using one of the Graphtec CE cutters.

I quickly discovered someone who had experienced the same problem and found out that it was probably because I had installed one of the CorelDraw service packs. The intermediate registration marks in the media feed direction are detected to allow four-point correction for each individual segment area.


The application provides a function for use on stickers or labels. While the engineer was there we did a few test cuts with the offset at different settings so that I could recognise when it is set incorrectly.

One option would be to buy the larger CE, which would mean that you are able to cut larger letters and graphics for vehicle wrapping or shop window decoration, which the average local sign maker may not be able to do.

This plug-in application allows direct cutting from graphics applications.

Though not guaranteed, delivery is usually one day longer than UPS Ground service for your area. Further information on the CE series and more Graphtec equipment is available at www. The vinyl should have been cut to a perfect square with the triangle inside it as the third graphtfc shows.

Working on Sign Update means that I speak grahptec a lot of people in the industry and I have come to the conclusion that if you want to make money in this business, you need to be able to offer your customers something that not everyone else is able to do.

The first was to do with accurate cutting over long lengths. Layout instructions are sent together with the cutting data for designs printed using layout functions such as RIP, enabling continuous detection of registration marks for cutting. Cutting versatility for a wide range of applications Window display. I also used the vehicle library from Impact Graphic Grqphtec which I found very valuable for sending proofs to the customer, and making sure that I had all the measurements correct.


This enables high-precision positioning of the whole area of skewed prints produced using long-length printing. Initially I had a panic about the Monday deadline and because I didn’t know what to do or who to contact.

Graphtec CE review – is this an ideal entry-level cutter? | Sign News | Sign Update Magazine

We’re sorry but this product is currently unavailable. The built-in front control panel provides complete parameter control including eight preset cutting conditions, as well as advanced features like tangential control mode, down force offset, pen up speed, blade wear monitoring and more.

Cutting conditions setting Test cut Position move Rotation Origin point Key grwphtec control Registration mark setting Auto-mark reading Mark size, distance. This sign creation application is simple and easy-to-use, even for first-time users.

I tested it by using a laser printer to print a logo with registration marks on to ordinary office paper and then put the paper through the Graphtec machine. Final delivery will be made by the United States Post Office.

But one of the great things with such a popular product is that there is a large community of users on various internet forums. Then fill out the form and click Calculate. The refurbished Graphtec CE 24″ professional cutting plotter updates hraphtec extremely successful CEMk2 series with improved features, as well as a cleaner, “greener” electronic design and manufacturing process to minimize graphtsc environmental impact of the equipment throughout its life cycle.