Normally it would be connected to a TV set, but in this case I was asked if we could get the picture on an iMac. What the heck is that? You can also choose to customize the current volume, if needed. Jan 22, at This is only a good solution if you don’t mind lower resolution capture.

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Normally it would be connected to a TV set, but in this case I was asked if we could get the picture on an iMac. What the heck easycap mac os x that? Problem is that I have a mac.

EasyCAP for Mac OS with USB Audio/Video Capture is finally here | One More Gadget

Read the full changelog. I can confirm it works and it isn’t very expensive if easycap mac os x is a major factor. Is there also a capture card or usbdevice and a program for Ubuntu? It looks like you’re new here. In this article we show you how to get set up and a few tips on how to configure the sound and video for the best performance.

Using EasyCAP to Grab VHS and Consoles on the Mac

I am pretty sure I got a bad one Easycap mac os x understand there are a lot of fakes out there and am sending it back. Does it work with El Capitain? If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Old time video signals were interlaced, which doubled the amount of lines available by interlacing two frames and flicking rapidly between them. Where do I get the appropriate Windows drivers?


USB Video Capture Device for Mac.

The free software is awesome. Tried it both on OSX Is the device plugged directly into one of the USB ports in your computer or is it in a hub? Your find is a mixture of Actually I only use the video one and put the audio straight in to the headphone socket after changing it to line-in in system preferencesand away you easycap mac os x Get the videoglide drivers.

I work for a school easycap mac os x and someone bought a device which you move over reading material like a mouse, but it has a camera and transmits the picture to a base, which has an RCA video out.

Once you have a decent level on the sound, and you have the picture coming into the EasyCAP clearly and with the correct Mad standard, you can record your video.

Leave this field empty. First, you have to set the video standard. Thanks for the thorough walkthrough. The downside to this was that it made the screen flicker. So save easycap mac os x some money and get the original EasyCap and download the free EasyCap viewer.


A quick search reveals this http: It is the costeffective solution to replace commercial VCR tape recorder, which also supports stable digitize video record and easy manages the recorded wasycap via index of date and easycap mac os x.

Apr 9th, Donationware. This is just trial and error on a case-by-case basis. Get the dazzle and use it with videoglide. Finally, on the video side, you have to choose the source. Much to my surprise it worked!

Easycap – Apple Community

Msc in EasyCapViewer 0. Jan 22, at 9: Sound is a separate issue. The software saw the USB devise and showed the image on the full iMac screen.