I believe it is one of the items that DELL , conveniently must have dropped in it’s infinite usual lack of wisdom. Please do not say DELL. Many thanks for your assistance. Jul 7, Messages: I am extremely greatful for your help on this matter Data,please believe me. Hi Mothie, I hope I found the right device?.

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You’ll need to choose a username for the site, which only take a couple of moments here. After that, you can post your question and dell xps miniview members will help you out. Dell Touchpad driver now not working.

Many thanks for your assistance. Data, Apr 29, I will now mark this as finished.

Here maybe use at your own risk of course! So I’ll assume your original question is answered and Wolfie ‘s suggestion you installed the Miniview Driver. Is this what dell xps miniview meant,Data?

Because dell xps miniview chipset is now obsolete the only alternative is modified 3rd party INF files. OK, after some looking around Im suspecting your unknown device is due to not having installed the chipset INF files. The version that I downloaded, as per instructions, was the portable version. Mothie, Apr 29, But rather than just guessing around on what you have installed and or not installed or wondering, its best to get a full report instead and decide then what best approach would dell xps miniview.


Can you open device manager right clik on the device and select tab details scroll dow two tcks copy and paste that info dell xps miniview post back in your reply, would you?

Data, Apr 27, I hope this request has not been posted earlier pxs I do not wish to duplicate threads.

Dell XPS420 miniviewer driver.

Which I looked up and is a small screen on the Computerif that’s correct then feel free to ignore my original questions and mark thread as solved. Alienware MX17 dell xps miniview driver updates-how to disable microsoft driver updates.

Then wait for the Gremlins to process information you posted, make a sandwich and zps beers dell xps miniview. What appears upon my screen is as above,previously shown. I am extremely greatful for your help on this matter Data,please believe me. Already have a purchased driver updater and it has not found item I need.

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Wolfie, Apr 27, Some links removed, as they’re adware. Let me know rell you think,please: But I do have a couple of questions. I’ve no idea what device that is, I swore years ago never to buy from Dell under pain of immediate death.


That is your choice to make. Will give it dell xps miniview in a minute,my friend. We have a disturbance in the force dell xps miniview here.

Dell XPS miniviewer driver. | Windows 10 Forums

Have a dell xps miniview day. Could not understand why I was not getting the screen you were showing to me,therefore re downloaded the application as an exe file not dell xps miniviewstarted it with setup face as delll came and ended up with the above.

It worked on Windows 7 previously. That image you posted it tells me all devices are installed but doesn’t answer the questions asked.