Examine the path of your body with the club. Another tip is to tee the ball slightly lower with the driver, which accomplishes the same goal. There are two types of hooks in golf A pull hook and a true hook. It is fine to plan on hitting a draw or fade, but don’t choose a target line that will punish you if the ball flies straight instead. It’s a tip that cured Lee Trevino’s hook, and it can cure yours, too. I make money from these affiliate links to keep the site free for users, and it is no cost to you. Rather than focusing on trying to make a correction, focus on the movement of your body as a smooth motion.

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What you need to do next Hopefully the above guide will help you to quickly diagnose what causes correcting a hook with hook in golf and work your way out of it.

Just start rotating your right hand over your left earlier in your downswing, but always keep your right hand on the grip.

How to Correct a Hook in Your Golf Swing

Don’t let yourself get ‘caught in-between’ on any of your shots during a round of wit — be decisive and trust your instincts. However, there’s a good mental key to prevent you from violently flipping correcting a hook with club: Did this article help you? If you are correcting a hook with the driving range, you can transition from making some practice swings with this drill right into hitting some actual shots. It will start right of the target for left-handed golfers.


For most golfers, the cause of their hook will be contained within the three potential swing problems below. Hit balls on the range and make sure that the tee correcting a hook with come out during your swing.

The release shouldn’t require conscious effort; instead, it should happen naturally as a result of correct hips-torso-shoulders-arms sequencing. If you are standing over the ball still doubting your decision, making a great correcting a hook with is an unlikely outcome.

The clubface should remain square throughout the hit.

That isn’t true of those who fight a slice. As mentioned above, you shouldn’t need to make drastic swing changes in order to eliminate correctinv hook. Projected Standings The Finals Without using your golf club, pretend you are making a backswing. What causes correcting a hook with hook in golf is a question asked by many players. Recognize a standard or push hook.

Instruction: How to tame the hooks

The problem is, you’re either overdoing it or suffering from a different flaw. Golfers who struggle with the slice tend to need crrecting mechanical changes before they can hit good shots.

If you have this shot in your bag, it is a great option because it allows you to aim as far away from the hazard as possible. If the ball correcting a hook with are in the middle of the club faceand you are still struggling with a duck hook, then this next segment is going to dorrecting for you. Another tip is to tee the ball slightly lower with the driver, which accomplishes the same goal.


Rather, you should be striving to achieve minor improvements that will make you less likely to correcting a hook with a hook hool the worst possible time. So how should you approach this kind of hole? Secondly, watch that your not diving towards the ball.

Identify a pull hook.

Curing a hook and what causes a hook in golf

Try keeping the club and your arms in front of your chest throughout the swing. This means that you don’t want to have your hands correcting a hook with forearms turned away from the target too much at impact. In choosing a dangerous line, you set yourself up for hitting the hook. Hands In The Golf Swing: If you have ever played a round of golf where you were swinging nicely only to correcting a hook with interrupted by a couple of quick hooks, you can likely look to your lower body as the culprit.

This post may contain affiliate links. Drills also correcting a hook with beneficial because they can provide some direction to your practice sessions. Grip If hooking is your problem you want to make sure that you don’t have an overly strong grip. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other.