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When you are aware of a leak, you need to find a solution quickly. When the rain comes in, everything has a chance to get damaged. You need to have a professional find the source of the leak and repair it correctly.

If your roof is new and you are having a problem of leaking, the first thing to do is call your original roofer or contractor. They know what has been done so they should be able to find the problem quickly and repair it. If you can not find the roofing company you used or they won’t return their call, then find someone else as soon as you can.

Any moisture coming in can turn into a much larger problem. If previous workmanship has been shoddy or unprofessionally completed, you could have leaks soon after it has been done. The problem needs to be determined and the work completed soon. In some cases, a newly roofed area needs to be reworked to fix the leak which can be costly.

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