He was smart enough to find terminal ends to at least hold into the speaker pins without the proprietary plugs, I’ll give him that much. Your PC Audio output device can become the M, have to go to the “Sounds and Audio Devices” Control Panel and tell it that the default Audio device for playback is the new “sound card” that should have popped in there. Eagerly awaiting your review. MD of course is just a faded memory by now and Sony otherwise seems to have gone downhill other than SCE–Playstation division. I think I had it the other way around to begin with when I first disassembled the panel but I’m not sure which is right now. Once I got it home and open I saw that was basically just pure luck the circuit board in the front panel did not break from whatever impact it sustained all those years ago.

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The speakers were in cmt-m333nt good condition. Register a new account. Posted August 21, cmt-m333nt Support by Sony Mobile Cmt-m333nt. M-Crew really is very nice.

The plastic of the top panel was a bit warped and cmt-m33nt finish on it badly, badly oxidised.


First new MD purchase in years–CMT-MNT Restoration & Review! – Minidisc – Sony Insider Forums

We cmt-m333nt see what happens Firefox Download the latest version. The tape deck, believe it or not, cmt-m333nt fine even cmt-m333nt the warped door and the drive belt seems to be fine as well.

In a 4th place he used cmt-m333nt small wire nut lol. No way, I want to get this working. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to cmtt-m333nt a member in order to leave a comment Create cmt-m333nt account Sign up for a new account in our community. Internet Explorer Cmt-m333nt the latest version.

Already have an account? Understanding digital audio — an A-Z guide. I’ll cmt-m333nt on those in the next post which cmt-m333nt be the review though.

Place holder for review section. In that case you have to find THAT driver too.

cmt-m333nt Posted December 10, Sign in Already have an account? Impressive work shame about the lack of before pictures. Posted October 3, First the internal operating heat had warped it cmt-m333nt time as the top acts as the vent cmt-m333nt the amp; two, someone had left this thing in a window in cmt-m333nt sun.

Sony CMT-M333NT Manuals

Sign Cmt-m333nt Sign Up. Is there a special version of M-Crew for the unit you have, perhaps? Finally time to make that an “official” version, then, seems to pass all cmt-m333nt tests of usefulness. Support by Sony mobile app: The CD section really took me a lot of cmt-m333nt of time, much of it cmt-m333nt via my own stupidity I could only wish that everyone coming on here first time was as smart as you of course, then there wouldn’t be much for us to do.


Since by no means are all the media straightforward store-bought, this at times requires some tedious work and patience on my part. Cmt-m333nt the thing again and now it would spin but not at speed and only cmt-m333nt but stop. It’s an ABS cmt-m333nt panel and door. Ironically in cmt-m333nt the board it cracked the solder pad of the encoder to the surface-mount capacitor inline with one of the contacts.

I have to cmt-m333nt that very few of these units were made? Posted August 19,