Initial surprise was a much lower level of’coloration’ than I was expecting. Originally Posted by leo I got a pair of these in the garage, 3 quid from a charity shop, seemed a shame to just ignore them when walking by Indeed it would have been a waste had you not picked them up. What was a surprise to me was there was still some movement down at 16Hz, which is pretty darn impressive for a ‘small’, less than two cubic foot box. Sad to say good bye but the time has come no longer used since the arrival our son. The design’s simple first order crossover allowed it to melt into the tweeter at three thousand Hertz. I must confess to having no great. Celestion Ditton 15 Vintage Speakers Stored in shed for a few years so could do with a clean up.

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The time now is Die cast chassis on Celestion unit, well engineered and constructed. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date.

Buy carefully and get a bargain. Look and sound amazing. After carefully checking the speakers out, they where wired up to my little EL84 push-pull pentode valve amp, Marantz DI DAC, trusty old Garrard with my active valve phono stage.

Celestion Ditton

Those with finger skills could easily tease a tiny amount of copper wire from the speakers voice coil and repair it. OK, we are talking about a “budget” speaker here, as they were when launched, but despite this they actually sound pretty good, and I can see why at the time they were so popular.


If anything I found it a tad bright at times; but very clear, lacking in sibilance and beautifully balanced into the midrange. However, it measures a very easy load average 4.

Celestion may claim 30 Watts, but 15 Watts would be a safer margin. Digging out some fairly heavy cathedral organ recordings showed lower bass was no disgrace.

Treble on the HFI comes in for criticism. It seems their popularity has waned throughout the years, though based on the quality of these examples I cannot think why.

Celestion Ditton 15 ‘vintage’ Speakers | eBay

Good condition vintage speakers with lovely sound quality, which up until last year were used by my dad who bought them new many many years ago! Crossover frequency is 3kHz. Any questions please ask Thanks. These days Celestion are the pure ‘Pro’ side of Gold Peak industries loudspeakers division, the domestic side being represented by another classic hi-fi company, KEF. As Clestion say, i was not expecting these to be a erplacement for anything I have already, merely indulging in an interest in hifi gear from the past.

Front of the ABR unit, damped polystyrene cylinder.

Celestion Ditton 15 ‘vintage’ Speakers

My next experience was of their. A ring radiator, it was developed in the s by the famous General Electric Company as an accompanying ‘presence unit’ to. Stereo imagery on the latter disc was quite powerful and distinct; the little Celestions played this track amazingly well, doing a great disappearing act. The speaker cabinets however were terrible so I have had to scrap them.


Celestion Ditton: Speakers & Subwoofers | eBay

When purchasing, be warned! Thanks for the commnets guys. All cable was Chord Co: Celestion Ditton 15 I iamgine there are a few people here who will remember celestions as being pretty common a couple of decades diitton. The company was located at Thames Ditton, Surrey for a while and the name Ditton is used on some products.

One celdstion the speakers has the red screw knob missing but has been replaced by a black one as picture The HF tweeter can do some wonderful things in certain circumstances the numerous BBC derivatives for examplebut the Ditton 15 isn’t the best speaker to hear it it uses a more basic magnet assembly I think.

Launched in ’67, the speaker boasts some quite unique features.

Voigt was the first to use a central spider to hold the loudspeaker diaphragm, and this unit mimicks it. Skip to main content. Haden Boardman takes it apart