Troy Stafford Silver Member Username: Plus I have never ever heard of someone getting a ticket or in trouble for online posts in a forum, because the authenticity is so unclear. I was defending you! Anything that is hard to read or will get you confused works wonders. How often do people get away in high speed chases? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. MO Gold Member Username:

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At this point its time to find a side street and try to hide somewhere, or lose him by taking a bunch of turns.

They ran four cars at a time in a single file line. Robert Forum Admin http: Now on most Texas highways, you can easily manage turns going mph. State Department official to revoke his passport.

Interestingly, at one point the screenplay called him Shea, or perhaps Shaye. I kept going all the way to mph as he was still right behind me, I went under a bridge on the highway when a relized i just passed a cop taking radar.

Frank Abagnale

In order to get date money, Abagnale devised a scheme in which he used the gasoline card to “buy” tires, batteries, and other car-related items at gas stations and then asked the attendants to give him cash in return for the products. Notably, however, Abagnale did not fly on Pan Am planes — believing his charade could potentially be identified by actual Pan Am pilots possessing actual company identification and background.


Eventually your going to die, or get caught. And to all those talking about spokes on the road, or cops ramming you, at least on a bike, they are not allowed to do that because we had iff of a cop trying to pull over a speeding motorcycle with a passenger in a chase.

+ T5 x RPM’s = Catch me of you can – Third Generation F-Body Message Boards

William Runner New member Username: Whats the theoretical top speed of a Cobra anyway? I have a Merlin aluminum block. The only good thing about idiots like you Mike Jones Silver Member Username: Gore Verbinski was next in line, with Leonardo DiCaprio attached as the star.

Great way to get out of something like that. Posted on Sunday, August 28, – I completely agree or should I disagree, I agree with the disagreement in principle, I think. Purely theoretical all the above of course, officer. Catcn of the lights and my car is so tough to see.

2.8 + T5 x RPM’s = Catch me of you can…

In Europe, he continues traveling and forging and cashing checks. First hardcover edition Catch Me if You Can deals with themes of broken homes and troubled childhoods. Originally posted by Gumby well you got caught in bravs cross fire, I have nothing but love for all fellow thirdgeners. High rate of speed speeding will get you arrested though.


Catch Me If You Can – Wikipedia

I do not know about the performance abilities of the new Charger. Do 165,ph know the guy who owned that car, did you see a grandma driving it??? They’d rather you get away or run into a road block ahead, or jsut follow you by air. When Frank points out how one of the checks Carl is carrying as evidence yu fake, Carl convinces the FBI to offer Frank a deal by which he can live out brxgs remainder of his sentence working for the bank fraud department of the FBI, which Frank accepts.

Jason New member Username: Out of the corner of my eye I see that the cop is starting to make a U-turn and pursue. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Anyway, that is crap that he gave you a grand’s worth of tickets for actually doing the right thing.

You would also have a tough time convincing me that any regular SUV or truck could go that fast. Abagnale stated that he was often invited by actual pilots to take the controls of the plane in-flight.