Summary I picked up this monitor for a co-worker in the office to replace his Samsung 22″. Pros good response time nice colors. The on-screen display OSD for the EHD offers all the usual options including controls for brightness, contrast, aspect ratio, color correction, and several preset viewing settings. Summary Pretty good monitor overall, not the best, and has a nice vibrant screen. Would you buy this? Please check with your B2B sales representative for specific terms and details. Audio quality from the built-in speakers is at best okay — not something we would recommend for watching movies or playing games if you can avoid it.

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This item benq e2200hd belong on this page. Message contents are opinions from customers based on their own experience with a product. I bought full coverage on this monitor but i ended up with 1 stuck pixel, its not a big deal to me right now since its at the very bottom and you can barely even tell its there.

Benq e2200hd this Review Beq this Review 0. Resolution support was exceptionally good on the EHD. Games and movies look great on it. The built-in resolution scaler works well on all of the inputs when you’re not using native resolution, but the closer you are to native beq the more likely you are to see artifacts. benq e2200hd

Simply benq e2200hd the “resize my HDTV” option in the nvidia control panel fixes this right up though. Connections underneath the rear lip of the monitor include DVI, HDMI benq e2200hd D-Sub, but there is no easy way to switch between e22200hd connections if you have devices connected beenq each port.


Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Do yourself a favor and get a proper set of headphones. Does this really have an HDMI port?

COD4 looks great at x LG 27UKW 27″ x It does include speakers, which function with benq e2200hd the HDMI input or with a separate audio input cable.

BenQ EHD Specifications – BenQ EHD and EHD – P FullHD LCDs

Maybe try samsung for a change but.! Add to Cart Available. Quick access to volume settings is also available benq e2200hd the third button, and the fourth button switches between the five viewing presets.

The low response time ensures you’ll never miss benq e2200hd beat in your games and the high contrast ratio and full p HD resolution will make your movies look stunning as well. About this product Product Identifiers Brand. Technical Features Synchronization Range – Vertical.

I was happy with the final purchase price,as it was a local pickup puchase recieved it immiediatly on benq e2200hd. You can easily switch outputs with a button on the side so it can serve multiple purposes. Worth note is that the dynamic contrast option is not something we like to enable on any LCD so far; this can dynamically alter the backlight brightness depending on the content currently being displayed, and we find this more distracting than just benq e2200hd with a static brightness setting.

Specifically, x doesn’t stretch as well benq e2200hd lower resolutions and if you were to display a black on white grid, you would notice that certain lines are thicker and others are thinner.

So far I,ve only used Benq,and am happy with the quality benq e2200hd trust it.

BenQ EHD Overview – BenQ EHD and EHD – P FullHD LCDs

Cons Has only a basic stand, some noticeable motion blur, needs a dedicated input button. Let alone i still have a 1 year warranty on benq e2200hd so if any thing does go wrong im safe.


Canadaka- Feb benq e2200hd, 09, 4 Replies. Summary This monitor is pure awsome, its works perfectly and e22000hd my games look very good now and being able to watch HD movies properly is very nice.

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Consider this monitor if you benq e2200hd a larger resolution for the home or office, but don’t want a huge monitor to dwarf you as you sit at your desk. The extra horizontal resolution also makes it easier to line up two program windows side by nenq, which benq e2200hd help boost your productivity.

If you have any questions regarding our sales and warranty policies, please send benq e2200hd a message — we’ll be glad to answer any of your questions. Read All 20 Member Reviews. During testing, we found this monitor to be easy to set up, and the auto settings mode bejq our test laptop instantly.

Its black level was deep, and it didn’t look at all pale in a lit environment, but while watching movies in a darkened room we did notice some backlight bleeding at the top and bottom of the screen. Summary Great monitor with benq e2200hd e22000hd, benq e2200hd the P.