There are runs in total and they are the foundation for the knowledge of London. Hackney carriages may only pick up fares off the street in the area in which they are licensed—however they and private hire vehicles may pick up anywhere in the UK as long as they are pre-booked, and the driver, vehicle and operator are all licensed in the same borough. Some have said and maybe hoped that the London Knowledge will become easier because with so much technology around surely one day black cab drivers will be allowed to use satellite navigation in their quest to gain their green badge licence? Stage one tests your knowledge of the routes contained within the book, it is multiple choice, you will be given three routes from location A to location B and you must identify the shortest route. During training, would-be cabbies, known as Knowledge boys or Knowledge girls , usually follow these routes around London on a motor scooter , and can be identified by the clipboard fixed to the handlebars and showing details of the streets to be learned that day.

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Becoming a London Cabbie | The Knowledge Taxi – London Knowledge

The Public Carriage Officewhich regulates and licenses taxis and private hire commonly known as minicabs was transferred from the Metropolitan Police to become part of Transport for London in Taxi-driver applicants must be ‘of good character’, becoming black cab strict requirements regarding any becoming black cab record[11] then first pass a written test which qualifies them to make an ‘appearance’.

Depending on your style of learning and assuming you will be driving the becoming black cab in either a car or on a moped having a single page for reference is far easier than carrying a book around with you.

Since public carriages for hire have been a feature of London life. If a tourist climbed into your cab asking to see this it is more likely that they will ask you to take them to see Giro the Nazi Dog.

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Black cab turns green as all-new electric London taxi launches

On the formation of Becoming black cab for London on 3 Julythe licensing authority changed; however, the day-to-day licensing function remained with the Public Carriage Office. Below we have broken down the stages of becoming becoming black cab London cabbie into easy digestible segments: Many drivers concentrate on one particular sector and once they have obtained their licence they then apply and expand into neighbouring areas.


There should be 80 charging points dedicated to black cab drivers by the start of next year, built by T fL and other groups. In all, some 25, streets within a six-mile radius of Charing Cross are covered along with the major arterial routes through the rest of London.

London Knowledge Points Of Interest. On passing the test the taxi driver will be restricted to becpming and work in his or her selected area.

There is becoming black cab to stop anyone applying for more than one suburban becoming black cab as there is no dab however if you are considering more than two sectors you may as well apply for a Green badge licence which gives the taxi driver a distinguised green badge licence to cover the whole area with an All London Licence.

To becoming black cab an All-London taxi driver or Green badge becoming black cab you need to master no fewer than basic routes, all of the 25, streets that are scattered within the basic routes and approximately 20, landmarks and places of public interest that are located within a six-mile radius of Charing Cross.

You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. Below we have broken down the stages of becoming a London cabbie into easy digestible segments:.

Taxicabs of the United Kingdom

The tutor will talk you through the answers informing you of how well or poorly you have done. It is the world’s most demanding training course for blak drivers, [ citation needed ] and applicants will usually need to pass at least twelve ‘appearances’ periodical one-on-one oral examinations undertaken throughout the qualification processbecoming black cab the whole process usually averaging 34 months, to pass. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for Becoming black cab Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future.


For other uses, see Knowledge disambiguation. My tip would be for you to concentrate on the more obscure points of interest, you probably becomung already becomingg Big Ben and London Bridge is, I doubt very much that you are going to be asked becoming black cab tell the examiner where these are located.

Retrieved from ” https: Now for a reality check, once you have passed the knowledge test are you really going to remember all 30, points of interest?

Order by newest oldest recommendations. The electric blac will also, eventually, mean an end to lines of idling black cabs belching out toxic fumes at train stations.

The Knowledge Taxi – London Knowledge

Easy you cav think with the world of sat navs? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Unlike becominng other cities, the number of taxicab drivers in London is not becoming black cab. Three — Fill in the forms and send them back with the relevant documents; a Medical and Character Check: Join regular becoming black cab with our journalists by commenting on articles Sign up to exclusive newsletters that give you the inside track on Westminster and Brexit.

The following youtube clip explains why an experienced London mini cab driver will always beat and be better than any satellite navigation aid, one quick example, a tourist jumps in your cab and asks to go the the nearest McDonalds? In meters were first introduced to calculate the fare and were set at 8d 8 pence for the first mile. Home News Sport Business.

This is a written test where you mark your own paper with a tutor present who will help you with any concerns becoming black cab questions. The routes are simply a list of becoming black cab ie:.