Those details will help. I am attaching the screenshot and the VIs to this post. What software should I use to capture analog video? NET This page was generated in 0. Video Capture Problems cc Thank you very much for this. When does it freeze – when you select the card or when you start streaming?

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The lines on the bottom are apparently possibly normal, and you can crop them with one of the editing packages Can u please show me the way to solve this avermedia bda analog capture Note sensor height is half the vertical resolution of the PAL signal, otherwise the image is displayed twofold in the preview, both squashed, one above the other.

For Composite or Component use the first option. If WebTv has been instaled and is running in your sistem, make a pause at avermedia bda analog capture datos services of webtv. Captjre also have our presentation computer which we use to project scripture and videos for the sanctuary connected to card 2 and is coming in on Avermedia secondary 1 as S-Video.

db:: Problem with AVerMedia BDA Analog Capture (VGN-AR31M) jf

Also, you should only post clips from other channels, not your own. Repetitive topics will be removed – you should use the search function before posting.


When I use another 3rd party video capture software, the HD quality comes over fine. I’m pretty much at a loss.


Channel promotion is no longer permitted, as voted by this community. Anybody had the same problem Open the crossbar and under the input section dropdown select Video SVideo In.

You have to be avermedia bda analog capture descriptive. Thanks for wanting to help. I have not found anything on how to fix the problem yet so if anyone has an idea how to fix it, any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Anyone breaking reddiquette will be reported to the admins. But I’m really trying to figure out this issue with the Ut Video Codec. I an having trouble capturing anlog video composite connections.

Avermedia Windows 8 7m Hi, Avermedia bda analog capture is a driver or device compatibility captue.

CountrySelector – Sony

I have the same problem with this device, it will not let me watch any HDTV. OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid Sorry for the long post in advance!


Also feeding from game console? I then import that footage into Premiere Pro and make a new comp from that footage. How do I keep my podcast avrmedia after sync to iPhone with podcast app?

Here I had avermedia bda analog capture choices for the video source: Haven’t add any new software recently.

You will need a cable like this one: Wmc Stopped Seeing The Avermedia Tuner aj Well, I read a lot here and hoped that the recommendations here would fix my problem, but no such luck. Follow the below steps: Often just stopping and then starting the graph again will resolve the issue no graph config changes. You captyre obtain the License for the use avermedia bda analog capture product imagines, trademarks and logos avermedia bda analog capture AVerMedia via contacting AVerMedia for detailed information.

It’s System Requirements are as follows: I checked that and my audio is wayyyyy out of sync!