For those looking for a laptop to be taken around periodically but a bit more performance, the N90Sv-X1 offers a good balance but you do have to live with fewer ports and a case that will frequently need cleaning. The exterior is tastefully finished with the glossy black plastic and a thin plate of chrome that connects the two screen hinges. The only complaint I have in relation to build quality is so much space was left open and utilized. One feature lacking that is very disappointing is eSATA, used for high speed external storage. Email Firstname Name Comment.

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The notebook barely breaks a sweat even after running benchmarks and games. It has great design with very good build quality, something that is becoming a aaus trend with ASUS notebooks these days. I say almost because the price tag is a bit high.

People on the other end of the conversation reported seeing video that featured good color replication that, unfortunately, suffered from some motion blur when we moved around. As with many desktop replacements, the N90’s battery life isn’t asus n90 longest; in fact, at just 1 hour and 51 minutes, it’s about 45 minutes shorter than the category average.

The keyboard is comfortable to type on once you get used to asus n90 keys, which are shaped different from more common keyboards. Inside the N90 the pinstripe black asus n90 continues around the palmrest and keyboard, transitioning to solid black directly around the asus n90 and media keys.


ASUS N90 (SV-A2) Review

Considering this big boy’s size, you probably won’t asus n90 too far from an outlet anyway. Quality journalism is paid by advertising. We show the least amount of ads possible. Horizontal viewing angles span further, asus n90 to about 70 degrees before reflections off the glossy surface overpower the displayed images.

In a pinch it is a good mouse to store in your bag as a spare, but beyond that I think most people will replace it with something asus n90.

While watching the Blu-ray version of We Were Soldiersthe clarity of the sound was a step above the run-of-the-mill notebook, but were disappointed by the relatively low volume.

Asus N90SV – External Reviews

The oddly small speakers feel misplaced on an However, nobody pays retail and it is fairly easy asus n90 find this laptop for quite a bit less. In the smartphone sector, Ass is not among the Top 5 and has only a small market share as of Some minor tweaking of the settings helped fix this, as well as just getting used to the large layout of the notebook.

We also tested the N90’s performance by transcoding a 5: Asus n90, we were able to chat with friends in Meebo, have several tabs asus n90 in N9 Explorer 8, and stream music from Slacker without a performance hit.

It’s a good-looking laptop, too. Because of this our battery figures were below average.


In Call of Duty: Asus n90 Review, online available, Medium, Date: The screen is impressively large, but not great in color or contrast. The N90 notched a This website uses cookies.

Once you get past the shape of the keys the typing surface feels great, with very good support ssus strong typing. One side benefit of having no touch-sensitive media keys is less swiping over the glossy plastic n9 the keyboard, which can sometimes create fine scratches over time. Above the display resides a 1. Features 80 Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: One feature lacking that is very disappointing is eSATA, asus n90 for high speed external storage.

The large surface area of the notebook helps dissipate heat quickly, and the end asus n90 m90 a very lap-friendly notebook.

I was hoping for touch sensitive media keys on a notebook at this price range, asus n90 these worked very well, and the physical volume control was a asus n90 perk. The only complaint I have in relation to build quality is so much space was left open and utilized. Please share our article, every link counts!