The charger has two slots which can be populated with the Site Master battery removed from the instrument and the spare battery. Drivers, Software Downloads zip 1. On track to a brighter future. This will open a window called Site Master Database showing pointing to your database. Basically, the maximum distance that can be measured in the DTF mode is controlled by 3 factors, 1 the data point resolution, 2 the frequency span or F2 minus F1 and 3 the propagation velocity entered for the coax under test. This is a form of software featured in a spreadsheet format.

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During installation the setup program informs me that my system files are out of date and asks if I want to update them. Also available are seven different families of power sensors with frequency coverage up to 50 GHz and dynamic range up to serual dB.

If this is really what is happening then your Site Master may have been damaged by excessive RF or ESD being applied to the test port most common cause. ueb

It describes the aritsu and provides performance verification procedures, parts replacement procedures, and a replaceable parts list. Most of the new lap top computers available in today’s market do not feature an RS serial port but feature a Universal Serial Bus USB port instead.


The Power Meter must be fitted with rack mount top and bottom covers at the factory. Download Center Search by product Model Number. If not, please give us a call at Anritsu.

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The propagation velocity affects the distance that reflections are reported on the Site Master. Why doesn’t my USB to Serial adapter work? The batteries will be charged sequentially.

We strongly recommend users to migrate to MST. Be sure to re-calibrate if the frequency span has seriao be changed. You should contact our Customer Service Department for more help.

You can minimize this problem by sweeping known lengths of cable in DTF mode. You can ‘dial in’ the propagation velocity until the reflection at the end reads properly on the Site Master.

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Drivers, Software Downloads exe 2. Operations Manual pdf 5. There is not a a DX symbol, what you may bear seeing is the error message for Integrator Failure.


My SC will not allow me to set the F2 upper frequency to 2. The Polyphaser would be transparent to the antenna sweeps response.

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This procedure involves fitting support brackets, two front handles, and a rear support bracket. When performing a line sweep the unit blinks “DX” where the “Hold” is displayed. Optical and High-Speed Devices.

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LST is saved with the above changes, run the Install Setup. Yes, by using the optional Battery Charger The Site Master cable tables offer both propagation velocity and loss values for many standard cables used in cell installations today. IoT Internet of Things. The SC and SC site masters have an upper esrial of 1. After the program is downloaded and unzipped, there should be three files present: