Using the old mixer into the same PA at the same settings nearly blew my windows out. Music Education For Children. It worked with my computer immediately and is incredibly easy to use. Sad part is, as great as this product is, it does NOT keep your tracks seperate. Eight-channel mixer with mic, line, and guitar-level inputs bit, I like the “guitar” button on channel 2, works great with magnetic or transducer p’ups. Discovering that it was missing the multitracking abilities, made it hard to judge any other aspects.

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Alesis MultiMix 8 USB FX – Thomann UK

Miltimix are not many mixers in this price range, but this one stands out among the other choices because of it’s heavy build and relatively alesis multimix 8 usb features on such a small mixing board. This would be a 5 if it wasn’t for the lack of better instructions, only 5 pages with not much tips on how to get the best sound from this mixer.

The case quality is really solid. I have not tried using the Alesis multimix 8 usb connection, so please refer to the other reviews for the issues with that. TRS Line inputs are also available on all eight channels.

If you change the Ship-To country, some or all of the items multimmix your cart may not ship to the new destination. The newly designed mixer introduces a sleek new appearance for the MultiMix series and incorporates removable end caps, which can be helpful for squeezing the mixer into smaller spaces alesis multimix 8 usb tightly packed setups. I have owned one of mltimix for around six years and have had four power supplies. Shipping costs to the U.


Alesis MultiMix 8 USB

All other products or company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respected owners. When I first got it I was afraid of it so I have only used it for years. See All Alesis Unpowered Mixers. Reaper Alesis multimix 8 usb saw it and was alesiss sound immediately and the Fx are very good. On the mutimix hand, if you play all your own instruments, one at a time like me, you record one track, ex.

Offering microphone inputs with phantom power, alesis multimix 8 usb inputs, and line-level inputs for connecting everything else, plus a wide range of effects, the MultiMix 8 Alesis multimix 8 usb FX delivers clean audio to your PA or recording system plus hassle-free computer connection. But, all that being said, I could get a simple stereo interface and a better mixer for about the same isb.

I use this unit with a pair of powered speakers for small band practice use and DJ applications. Record, mix, and add effects all from this one easy-to-use unit.

The MultiMix 8 USB FX enables bidirectional stereo signal, so musicians can record the stereo Main output into alesis multimix 8 usb computer and listen back using the mixer as an interface from software to headphones and monitoring loudspeakers. Customer Help Knowledge Base. A 2-Track stereo input is also included adding the ability to mix in audio from other sources such as a CD player, iPod, or sampler.


Pleny of power also when powering my 2 12 inch cabinets for liver performances. Feedback Found an error or want to give us feedback about this page?

MultiMix 8 USB

Kultimix and easy to transport. This mixer is the central piece of my recording studio. Using the old mixer into the same PA at the same settings nearly blew my windows out. Our most popular Analogue Mixing Desks.

Do not use for recording bands This compact mixer with built-in effects doubles as a computer alesis multimix 8 usb interface so you can mix, alesis multimix 8 usb, or do both at the same time. Where this mixer differs from others in the lineup is in its USB 2. Just a bedroom musician. These XLR inputs also have a switchable phantom power option to accommodate both dynamic and condenser microphones.

Add to wish list. The audio quality seems really good. Those multiimix the two factors that led me to buy this one over the Yamaha.