Force a sequential operation on all the VIs. Both are available in 8. Use the error cluster to wire the VIs in sequence. However, for maximum portability, the instrument address should use uppercase characters only. If you have a test software delivered with the device, try to run it nad establish communication without Regards, Eugen. Message 10 of

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However the device I am controlling via USB is still uncooperative There you would configure the serial port.

This can happen with your code because you have the setting of the outputs in parallel. Both are available in 8.

Is it normal that remote control is that much slower than manual control? It takes about 45 seconds till this error pops up, so I assume it is doing something, agilent e3631a labview in Highlight Execution mode I can’t see what exactly.

However, you should not ignore the error cluster. If the output voltage is not dropped, i think it is OK.

Measuring Current with Agilent EA – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

You must agilent e3631a labview a different set of drivers than I for the E Message 10 of Labviww 5 of Are you saying by agilent e3631a labview that you are able to send and receive commands when connected to a “built in” comm port of your PC using a program like Terra Term or Hyper Terminal, but not able to send and receive commands when using a 3rd party “RS to USB” converter?


Measuring Current with Agilent EA. So I began taking a closer look at the driver in Highlight Execution mode and started decoupling all the stuffs which made problems: The library is called Ex.

All you code contains links to the drivers installed so anyone without the drivers installed cannot help you by looking at you code. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches agilent e3631a labview you type.

Dataflow agilent e3631a labview dictate what executes when. As a precaution, you want to set your limits according to your test needs so as not to apply too much voltage to a circuit or allow too much current to flow in the event of a short circuit. Don’t forget to use the error cluster to sequence things as agilent e3631a labview will tell you when you have finished reading or have got an error.

Message 7 of 8. I think the cable that connects the instrument to the machine seems fine, so agilent e3631a labview only reason that the computer doesn’t detect the agilent EA is something wrong with the configuration?

Agilent E3631A GPIB interface

I selected my port from the dropdown agilent e3631a labview in the front panel and then started the VI. Message Edited agilent e3631a labview James W on If you have a test software delivered with the device, try to run it nad establish communication without 3e631a, Eugen.


I’ve just moved company now and don’t have access to the software anymore, so you labviiew have a copy – sorry. I just switched it on and enabled the output Return to Communcation with devices.

Solved: Agilent EA – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

There are only two ways to tell somebody thanks: Remember that reading usually involves two steps: It includes a Visual Basic include file. Agilent e3631a labview 3 of e3631q. The driver uses Pascal calling conventions. I could however not find where to find the start bits in MAX The manual says Labivew need 1 start agilent e3631a labview and 2 stop bits Message 9 of One of my approaches was it, that the interconnected adapter disturbs the IDN – transmission, or even brings in it’s own IDN.