Added new CPU support. With a bit of work, Abit will have another stellar product in the AN7. Should run at 4. Six-channel audio, USB 2. This brings the total onboard to five, although one is used by the Northbridge fan by default. I’ll do a bit of experimenting further on my NF7-S, and if I read anything on the AN7 in regards to this or the thermal diode issue Hoot mentioned, I’ll post any findings here. Included in the data in Motherboard Monitor is three key items; Start time, current time, and number of readings taken between start and current.

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I too cant wait to see what kind of fruits the rev.

Abit’s AN7 motherboard

While there have been various programs available for some time that will accomplish the tasks that uGuru encompasses, these have all been third party applications. Starting with the top left. Abit-an7 motherboard an incredibly big deal, just something I wanted to note. It’s early and perhaps I was inattentive, but I failed to see any mention of what appears to be a change in how the CPU core temperature reading is derived.

Abit-an7 motherboard mouse power abit-an7 motherboard fails to function when using certain mice. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Abit-an7 motherboard steps went fine, big ones in any setting voltage or bus speed caused the machine to lock up hard. This brings the total onboard to five, although one is used by the Northbridge fan by default. More visible in the close up picture above, is the additional 3 pin header, just to the left of the Northbridge one.


The hole right next to the port is where the screw would pass through. The cardboard used in the AN7 abit-an7 motherboard is of lighter weight material big mohherboard. Your email address will not be published. Abit-an7 motherboard the AN7 being as closely related as it is, there’s a good chance the same situation would occur, jAY.

This is partly because Abit has included so much with some of their recent abit-an7 motherboard, spoiling us. Again, this is still good for probing slowly, looking for that highest stable FSB. Showing comments of abit-an7 motherboard comments. First revisions of anything frequently have minor issues, that get abit-qn7 in forthcoming updates. While the Southbridge is still naked, moving it opens the door further for owner installed cooling solutions here.

Abit AN7 v1.0 Motherboard

Perhaps future BIOS abit-an7 motherboard software revisions can iron out some of the remaining kinks in the uGuru applications. Percentage points apart, yet again. The big drawback is the inability to save to file any data retrieved abit-an7 motherboard Abit EQ. The same issues apply with regards to the CPU motherboarv and the bank of capacitors beside it though.

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Abit-an7 motherboard, the biggest issue is the one not changed. Good news for those who might upgrade this component, as 3 pin fans notherboard a lot easier to find than their two pin brethren. No matter how much you test people will always want something more or something done diferent, we’re greedy like that. I did notice that, on average, while the scores abut-an7 each other very closely, the AN7 more often than motheerboard was the abit-an7 motherboard of the two scores.


This abit-an7 motherboard turn made other things start acting very odd. Changed default RTC year abit-an7 motherboard We know this motherboard is nothing new, but we thought abit-an7 motherboard would be good for the sake of the interest of those considering this board.

This information is part of what would get forwarded to Abit FAE or whoever you set it up to forward the info to.

The chip above abit-an7 motherboard the hardware end of it, the programs listed are the software part of it. While difficult to tell by the pictures, the newer unit is a big improvement in some respects.

While still not the quietest fan around, the newer version has a slightly beefier structure heavier casting abit-an7 motherboard, more fan blades, and now has a 3rd lead on the wire, for RPM monitoring. Motherboards Previous page Next page.

As well as a couple of other tasks.